Will you be taking advantage of the low deposit mortgage scheme?

First time buyers can now secure a home by offering just 5% deposit on houses up to the value of £600,000. With the government guaranteeing 15% to recompense financiers if the borrowers fail to pay what they owe.

So that potentially means house buyers can now afford to live in more desirable neighbourhoods by taking advantage of purchasing a ‘doer upper’ property. This potentially means an increase for project management professionals to help maximise the buyer’s property investment.

House prices are rising so why not take on a project house? Recruiting a Project Management professional to manage the renovation of a neglected property, will not only help to manage the build efficiently but offer expert advice, control costs, deal with issues and deliver successful solutions.  

It is an opportune time for first time buyers to take advantage of potentially owning their ‘dream home’ with the help and knowledge of a project manager to reach it.

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