We are still open for business!

We’re well into the third month of lockdown in the United Kingdom, but here at Syndicate Property Development we are always looking to the future and a return to normal working life. Construction will be playing a huge part in kickstarting the British economy.

The government have been encouraging construction workers to return to site since the 13th May, which will have been positive news for companies, self builders, home extenders and renovators with delayed or stalled projects. Of course, there are guidelines to follow to ensure that your site is safe for everyone, and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) have released guidance for those who work in or run outdoor working environments. (See https://www.gov.uk/ for the latest advice)

Whether you are a business that has had to postpone construction projects, or a homeowner who has put a planned new build, renovation or extension on hold, Syndicate are ideally placed to help move these projects forward.

Spending more time at home during the lockdown may also have given you some ideas on how to change your environment. Flexible home-working and spending an increased amount of time together as a family may mean that you’d like to adapt your living spaces, or build a new home better suited to what modern living now looks certain to be redefined as. We can help make your visions a reality, and manage your construction and improvement projects, step by step, from day one.

Call Syndicate Property Development on 02392 250399 or email us at contact@syndicatepropertydevelopment.com to make a phone or video appointment today.

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