Constructing a Container Build

Executive Summary

The project was to procure a container and construct a plant room for a local authority new build project. It needed to be empathetic to the local environment and built without disrupting the existing operations of the main building. The container itself was to be built offsite then transported to its required location. The container would require holding multifarious equipment as a fully functioning plant room including gas supply, electrics and hot and cold water. This would also need full access.


The project was not a traditional plant room. It was a bespoke design. Masses of coordination was needed with multiple end users such as the main contractor building the project, the electrical fit out contractor and incoming service providers.

The design required extensive consultation to ensure the container was created precisely in the conversion stage and ready to function once delivered to site. The site needed to be prepared upfront so the container could be delivered and lowered into position ready to operate with all the services without having to cut or change anything.

Huge coordination complexities – It was vital that the plant and container were appropriately positioned flawlessly and given access to make final connections for operations. This was achieved via a pocket in the floor which was left open to give access for modifications attachments and then a floor panel placed over the space and secured.

The container itself was fitted with fins on the outside panels and welded to the facias so not to impeach the integrity of the container walls which could lead to the ingress of water. It was then clad in fireproof coated timber as well as the doors and the louvers disguised behind timber grills to remain sympathetic to the environment and to make the new plant room appear as a timber cabin.

The Solution

The overall project was a huge success, as a result the end user was extremely happy, and the proposal fulfilled better than their expectations.

There was extensive input of different aspects in which Syndicate Project Management managed. This achieved the overall goal delivering the project in a timely fashion and meeting and overcoming constraints within the project.

The expertise and knowledge Syndicate Project Management gleaned throughout this project enables them to facilitate and replicate container builds for future projects. By working with experienced suppliers, adapting to individual project end function, working directly with the end user in the design brief, building in a controlled environment and delivered to a final destination as a prefinished bespoke container, builds can be adapted for any purpose from cafes, pop up retail and even accommodation.

This process has been replicated throughout the world for various use including Multistacks, school blocks, emergency accommodation, commercial office builds to name but a few. Container builds are a versatile solution with a fast turnaround from concept through to fruition without the delays associated with traditional builds.

The Result

Syndicate Project Management’s professional knowledge and experience with Container builds provides significant input to this type of project. Their invaluable expertise in this discipline can offer an exceptional solution at relatively low cost.

Whether it’s for retail, hospitality or some other innovative concept, Syndicate Project Management can offer a solution for your Container build project.

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